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September 1, 2015
09:41: Exams are this month. Our first exam is histology on the tenth. Also rent is due today and we don't remember how much it is. Awesome. I think my roommate was late to work today.
We also have patient interviews today. I think it'll be alright. I have to try and ask two questions from each of 16 systems: General, Skin, Head (and neck), Eye, ENT, Endocrine, Hema, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Urinary/Renal, GI, Reproductive, Neuro, Psych, and Breasts. So I'll be asking if the patient has had fever, chills, sweats, weight change, appetite change, general weakness for general, then moles or rashes or color changes, trauma, neck stiffness, headache, vision changes, floaters, sore throat, rhinorrhea, dental pain, swollen thyroid, sensitivity to heat, large lymphnodes(lymphadenopathy), bruising or bleeding more often, muscle pain, muscle weakness, lower back pain, cough, hemoptysis (blood in sputum) (I won't ask that if they don't have a cough), wheezing, chest pain, syncope (passing out), edema (swelling in extremeties is how I'd ask that), urinary problems such as dysuria, incontinence, urgency, hematuria; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, hematochezia, abdominal pain, genital pain, erectile dysfunction, discharge, dysmenhorrhea (painful menstruation), tingling in the extremities, uh...memory loss?, changes in mood, any thoughts of self-harm or depression. Not sure why breasts are their own separate category but I have to ask if there are any lumps or discharge or pain in the breasts because everyone can get breast cancer.
So I mean I think I'm covered for the ROS. 
So then I just have to ask about allergies, past medical history, social history, family history...Have to remember to rate the pain, quality, duration, length of time, modifying factors, onset, things like that.
Scribing prepared me for this even if they fired me. It's not stuff you just forget.
I probably should pay better attention in histology...
My patient interview isn't till three.

So in histo we're learning about neurons today. In the slide we're looking at right now the axon hillocks are very easy to identify, but when we're shown longitudinal sections I'm like...idk if that's myelinated or nonmyelinated (I'm so used to saying unmyelinated...)
I've had pretty bad headaches the past couple of days. I believe it's due to lack of sleep, but stress is also possible. They're not like, level of right after dad died bad but they're not dissimilar.

I am so hungry. Molecular bio is about RNA transcription and pyrimidines and purines. In undergrad it took us a couple of weeks to go over what we're doing today. But it is pretty straightforward stuff that I remember well because I've learned about it ten times now.

First standardized patient interview over. I forgot to ask a lot of social history questions. One of them was relevant. The rest were semi-relevant. Mostly I got all the relevant stuff I think. *shrug*
So yeah that's some stuff.

September 2, 2015
I'm thinking of switching this over to a blog on google. I think that makes more sense. I'm in anatomy and we had a really cool visiting doc give a presentation on clinical correlations of forearm and hand injuries, a tad on humeral fractures and such.
11:09: Upon consideration, I realize that my name is already connected to this journal, but not so closely as it would be if I made a blog through my google account, and therefore I am hesitant to switch the writing over. I don't think I have shared anything incriminating. I generally try to avoid that. But I'm human and I make mistakes and I'd rather someone comment that I shouldn't be doing something than have it immediately attached to my name and someone make the leap to administration without contacting me first and that would just be annoying as I'm a pretty agreeable and non-confrontational person and if you feel something is inappropriate my attitude would adjust much faster if you talked to me about it than going behind my back and stressing me out further. Not that any of you would do that, but people are having to appear before committees for sharing distasteful jokes on facebook, so these things do happen.


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